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He competed in 30 competitions, won 24, and was never judged lower than second place. Aeschylus won 13 competitions, and was sometimes defeated by Sophocles, while Euripides won 4 competitions. 6 is the most likely. Plutarch further contends that following this loss Aeschylus soon left for Sicily. Although Plutarch says that this was Sophocles’ first production, it is now thought that his first production was probably in 470 BC. Sophocles presented at this festival.

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Cimon was ostracized in 461 BC. Athena, helping to manage the finances of the city during the political ascendancy of Pericles. As with many famous men in classical antiquity, his death inspired a number of apocryphal stories. A third holds that he died of happiness after winning his final victory at the City Dionysia. Athenaios one in which Sophocles is tricked by a hustler.