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Unsourced material may be world history shorts 2 answer key pdf and removed. She is often seen wearing a hair bow, blouse, and heeled shoes. Daisy usually shows a strong affinity towards Donald, although she is often characterized as being more sophisticated than him.

Since her early appearances, Daisy has been portrayed as flirtatious, high maintenance, glamorous, graceful and loyal. She is deeply attracted to Donald and is very devoted to him. Daisy is almost to the point of suicide after Donald forgets her. Despite this, she’s shown to have her boyfriend wrapped around her finger and is often shown to keep him in line whenever his anger starts to boil.

Besides her love for Donald, Daisy is also shown to be more sophisticated and intelligent than Donald. Daisy herself sometimes exhibits a temper, but she has much greater self-control than Donald. House of Mouse cartoons, she was sometimes portrayed as oblivious, intrusive, enthusiastic and overly talkative. She’d invite herself in without asking and would tag along on trips where she wasn’t wanted. Daisy is a white duck with an orange bill and legs. She usually has sultry indigo eyeshadow, long distinct eyelashes and ruffled feathers around her lowest region to suggest a skirt.

She’s usually seen sporting a blouse with puffed short sleeves and a v-neckline. She also wears a matching bow, heeled shoes and a single bangle on her wrist. The colors of her clothes change very often, but her signature colors are usually purple and pink. The television series Quack Pack gave Daisy Duck a more mature wardrobe and hairstyle and cast her as a career woman with a television reporter job.

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House of Mouse got her a blue and purple employee uniform, with a blue bow, and a long ponytail. In Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Daisy regained her purple blouse with a purple bow and shoes. She also wears a gold bangle and has a short ponytail, similar to the longer one seen in House of Mouse. Blondell would voice Daisy for six of her nine speaking appearances during the classic shorts era. According to some sources, Daisy was introduced in 1937 as Donna Duck, yet there is conflicting evidence as to whether Donna was an early version of Daisy or a separate character entirely.