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How to Get a School Bus Driver’s License. To drive a school bus in the U. The specific requirements for these licenses and endorsements vary among states, so before you start the process you should check with your local washington driver license manual pdf’s license office as well as the school district where you want to work.

Federal law requires all commercial drivers, including school bus drivers, to carry a Department of Transportation medical card, which requires a DOT physical. Your CLP allows you to practice your driving skills with an experienced commercial driver. The physical evaluates whether you are medically qualified to transport students safely. Your state’s CDL manual should have a list of approved physicians to perform this exam. Generally, commercial drivers should not have any impairment of hands, arms or legs that would interfere with their ability to grasp the steering wheel or operate a vehicle. Certain conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure or arthritis will render you ineligible to become a commercial driver.

40 in both eyes and the ability to differentiate between red, green and amber traffic lights. You also will be tested for drug and alcohol use. Commercial drivers cannot use amphetamines, narcotics or other habit-forming drugs, with or without a prescription. Go to your state’s driver’s license website or your local office and review the eligibility requirements. Although the federal DOT sets minimum CDL standards, some states have additional regulations.

You need to bring one or two forms of legal identification, such as a passport or birth certificate, depending on your state’s regulations. Each state also requires proof of state residency and provides a list of documents you can provide as proof to satisfy that requirement. Your state driver’s license office will check your driving record for the past 10 years, including every state in which you’ve had a license. Many states require CDL holders to have fewer than four points on their licenses. You must be at least 18 years old to get a CDL, but in some states you must be at least 21 years old to drive a school bus. In addition to meeting the general eligibility requirements, you must pass written knowledge tests to earn a CLP.

If you want to drive a school bus, you have to pass the general commercial driving test as well as additional tests for the passenger vehicle and school bus endorsements. Each knowledge test consists of at least 30 questions covering 20 general areas outlined in the federal CDL regulations. You must answer at least 80 percent of the questions correctly on both the general and endorsement tests to pass. Areas tested include procedures for inspection and repair, safe vehicle operations, safety control systems such as lights and horns, vehicle control such as shifting, backing, and skid control, and basic vehicle control and safe driving skills. If you plan to drive school buses with air brakes, you also must pass an additional knowledge test on air brake operation. The S endorsement written test includes questions on loading and unloading children, proper operation of school-bus specific signal devices, and emergency exits and procedures.

You must pay a fee to take the written tests, regardless of whether you pass. Before you take the skills tests to get a full CDL, you must have a CLP for at least two weeks. You may have to pay an additional fee for your CLP. Some states charge a combined fee for the written tests and the CLP. You’ll find a breakdown of all the fees involved in getting a CDL in your state’s CDL manual. While you have your CLP, practice all of the maneuvers and activities you’ll have to perform on the skills tests.

Some states or school districts may have training courses specifically for school bus driver candidates. In other states, additional training is required after you’ve passed the state skills tests for your CDL with P and S endorsements. You must take your skills tests before your CLP expires. Sign up for the general CDL skills test. The three parts of the skills test cover vehicle inspection, basic controls and driving. You must pass all three parts of the test to get your CDL.

Until you get your Full License at the age of 18. To add an endorsement you need to take both the written and skills tests, where can I see some feedback from people who have already passed their Washington permit test? Driveability of a vehicle means the smooth delivery of power, basic controls and driving. To obtain their licenses, it’s time to get some practice in.

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