Warhammer fantasy 8th edition army books pdf

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A board containing a grid overlay represents the field. Using dice, cards, and counters, the players attempt to score higher than each other by entering the opponent’s end zone with a player who possesses the ball. Players may attempt to injure or maim the opposition in order to make scoring easier by reducing the number of enemy players on the field. 1, 2, 4 or 6 per team. In league play, players gain additional skills and abilities based on their accumulation of experience points. Players face potential injury or even death on the field throughout their careers.

Disparity between team values is offset by the purchase of ad-hoc star players or mercenaries, as well as bribes and additional temporary support staff, such as wizards or a halfling cook. Teams consist of eleven to sixteen players, of which eleven are allowed on the pitch at any one time. Each player is represented by an appropriate miniature and has statistics and skills that dictate their effect on play. To avoid confusion, the human playing the game is always referred to as the “coach” and never the player.

In addition, players may have special skills that affect any number of circumstances in play. These skills are not necessary to perform their corresponding actions, but will give the player an advantage. Block – Fight an adjacent opposing player who is standing. In certain circumstances, players may instead throw their own teammates with this action, who may or may not be carrying the ball – for instance an Ogre might throw a Goblin teammate. Some skills also allow for special player actions.