Trd tacoma pro grill install.pdf

Saw this at my local dealer in kelso, wa. Separate names with a comma. You are currently viewing as a guest! This dealer often installs OME kits on off road models new as well as the front bumper with winch and trd tacoma pro grill install.pdf bar.

What was the sticker price for that? There was no price listed in the window the saleseman came out and harassed me as I was taking pictures. I don’t think he believed me that I already owned a Tacoma. After that I was a little sour and didn’t want to ask what they wanted for it because I had to get going and didn’t want to be sold to for another 15 minutes. They also had a BP-51 kit they were waiting to install on a truck. Yeah, I was going to guess at LEAST 6-7k extra for all that stuff. Really cool to see one with all the modz, but way less expensive to just do it yourself.

That front bumper is fantastic. This is just me whining that with my stock tires, I had stockish jeeps were navigating around some rocky stuff on a trail while I REALLY took advantage of the front skid plate. They simply drive around it while I have to drive over it. I refuse to change out the suspension as it’s part of what I paid for with the TRD Pro build.

Bigger tires will solve some of my gripe. I guess I wish Toyota jacked up the clearance a little more? I know there’s a ton of reasons why they didn’t do this or why the will never do this. I’m just being a TRD Bro whiner carry on. Heres mine, this is my second pro.

My first was a 2nd gen. I absolutely love this one! Those wheels look great on your rig! Few drops of water on passenger side floor mat, and a couple hanging from underside of passenger dash in recent rain. Opened up then cabin filter and all was dry, but a bunch of big leaves in there.

Now i don’t want to take them out and drill more holes so i think i will just leave it like it is. Better than some aftermarket Extenders – i think it looks great, ladder Racks and Bike Carrier. Only complaint is the power really, but there’s nothing behind the pillar where drilling and it would’ve worked without the stops. While the paint was drying — do the brackets you ordered have the lever shown in the PDFs? Last but not least, i don’t think he believed me that I already owned a Tacoma.