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German- and English-language versions have also been released. Hitler’s equally subjective and strict ideal of physical beauty the splendid vision richard cohen pdf health. Hitler is shown as an amateur architect, planning new building designs for the Third Reich that express his vision of a Nordic empire to rival those of classical antiquity. He is said to be intimately familiar with the grand opera houses of Europe.

He visits Paris with a group of architects and artists who will be tasked with rebuilding Berlin to suit the Nazi aesthetic. Designs for new structures include depictions of the ruins they will make for distant generations. The film posits that Hitler’s affinity for Greek and Roman antiquity is also expressed in his insistence of a totalizing strategy of war. In what Hitler imagined to be the style of Sparta and Rome, war was meant to annihilate the enemy, enslaving the population and erasing the history of the vanquished. Cohen had made a “remarkably insightful film which shows the Führer not as a psychotic, an anti-Christ, or even Aryan Angel.

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Bruno Ganz’s poignant narration and Richard Wagner’s music” contributed to the coherence of the documentary. The film dazzlingly shows just how much of the ideology Hitler created derived from, and later depended on, art. Peter Cohen’s film ‘The Architecture of Doom’ is a brilliant two-hour documentation of the direct if paradoxical connection between ‘beauty’ and evil in Hitler’s Third Reich. It claims that the underlying motivation was an extreme aesthetic aspiration to return beauty to the world – to counteract the miscegenation and degeneration that defiled it – through sheer violence. Nazi source material, including some rarely seen footage, to make its argument. Cohen describes WWII as a hypermodern war with ancient objectives. Adolf Hitler was indeed an architect of magnificent vision.