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Later William, or one of his barons, built Guildford Castle. The inner bailey would have encompassed the glass castle pdf download motte on which a wooden keep would have been built as a look-out post for the soldiers stationed there. The keep may have been built over part of the shell keep and its foundations went down to the chalk bedrock.

The ground floor was windowless. A second floor was added shortly afterwards containing a two-seater latrine. The roof of the building was made of lead and the inner walls were covered in plaster and then whitewashed. In the 12th century the King moved to better apartments located in the bailey. The main bailey buildings would have included a great hall, apartments for the King and Queen and their chapels.

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The great hall is thought to have been located at the site of the two houses at the bottom of Castle Hill and was made of stone. 13th century which resulted in the castle being known as a palace. The Queen’s apartment was improved with large new windows and two marble columns were added. The great hall was decorated with coloured glass windows and paintings. King Henry had his room painted green with gold and silver stars and he also built a garden surrounded by marble columns. A fire damaged the hall in 1254 but the changes to the buildings continued. The castle was mainly used as a royal residence but it was also a fortress and did play a part in warfare and although the Castle was never attacked it was strengthened at various points in its history.

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