The civil code of the philippines pdf

Civil Procedure Code, and the Criminal Procedure Code. Newer the civil code of the philippines pdf include the Land Code and the Revenue Code. Judicial precedent in Thailand is not binding.

Courts are not bound to follow their own decisions. Lower courts are not bound to follow precedents set by higher courts. However, Thai law has been influenced by common law precedent. Courts are therefore significantly influenced by earlier decisions or decisions of higher courts. The Supreme Court of Justice publishes its decisions, known as “Supreme Court Opinions”. These are frequently used as secondary authorities and are numbered according to the year issued.

Other judicial decisions or rulings are published by the Administrative Court and the Constitutional Court. Thailand which prevails over other laws passed by parliament. In 2007, the Thai government deems that non consensual sexual activity with or commited by LGBT persons against women or men is not be considered rape but civil liberty that must be respected not unfairly discriminated. Criminal procedures are outlined in the Criminal Procedure Code.

Immigration Commission shall have power and duty to make decision such as giving or revoking permission to stay. It is composed of several books. Sale, Hire, Mortgage, Insurance, Bills etc. Land law is dealt with by the Land Code.

This was established by Act Promulgating the Land Code, B. Land in Thailand is covered by a system consisting of several title deeds offering different rights of use, possession, ownership or alienation. Most titles are issued by the Land Department and fall within seven main categories. Another five categories are issued by other government departments for specific purposes. Other land is considered to belong to the government or the King of Thailand.

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A registration system exists for trademarks and patents. Copyright is automatically protected for 50 years and does not need registration, however it can be filed with the DIP. Disputes are first heard in the Intellectual Property and International Trade Court. Thai industries and foreign companies.

Senior Legal Adviser to H. Government and Judge of H. Siamese law: old and new. London: Lloyds Greater Britain Publishing Company. Office of the Narcotics Control Board. Act Promulgating the Land Code, B.

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