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Worldwide, the album has sold over 15 million copies. North America and Europe from August 1996 to Secrets of the pulse pdf 1997. The album’s first song “Come On Over Here” is a “finger-poppingly upbeat”, sultry groove track produced by Tony Rich.

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The third track “There’s No Me Without You” is a romantic song. He thought it would be perfect for Toni Braxton. It is a song of blistering heartbreak, as Braxton sings to her former lover, begging him to return to her and undo all the pain he has caused. Over a lulling ballad melody, the singer makes her agony a thing of beauty, pausing with daring vocal timing over the lyrics’ details of a lover’s wayward behavior.

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The song is a sultry tune that requires the singer to reach down to her lowest register. Hip-Hop Songs, besides topping the singles charts in several other countries. 40 hit in the United Kingdom while failing to dent the charts in the U. The album was well-received both critically and commercially. The apprentice diva of the debut was modest, composed, virtually anonymous.

I’ll take the right It Girl anytime—especially one who insists on getting her props. 170,000 copies in its first week. December 31, 1997, denoting shipments in excess of 700,000 units. 10 in its 30th week on the chart, on January 25, 1997. In continental Europe, the album topped the charts in Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, and Switzerland, while reaching the top five in Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, and Sweden, and the top ten in Ireland.