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Download free easy piano sheet music notes in PDF-format! PDF format and can be downloaded and printed piano scales sheet music pdf any obligations!

How can you decide what to practice among all available choices? Let us take a look at a music composing scenario! Suppose you have an assignment to write the music to a musical. It will surely take some time to get things right! What has this to do with your practicing time?

One-octave and two-octave scales, I, IV and V chords, tonic chord inversions and arpeggios, all on one sheet for each key! I was a little girl. But she did it by hand! There were no copy machines back then how spoiled we’ve become. I appreciated and enjoyed playing these patterns.

There seemed something a bit magical and comforting in this routine: playing a pattern in one key, and then repeating it in another key, necessarily adjusting hand position and utilizing different fingering choices, getting the same overall sound, but with a sudden freshness. I always begin assigning the 12 major scales and chords with the “Key of C” sheet. 1″ until they can do it quickly with no prompting. And the page didn’t look as nice with crowded fingering when I initially laid it out with parallel scales! The idea of the I, IV and V chords seems obvious to piano teachers who’ve been thinking that way for years, but the connections aren’t at all apparent to some young students.

Both hands move up the octave as I say, “The one chord, the two chord, three chord, four chord” etc. Then I ask them to do it. First they play open chords, Left Hand, Right Hand, L,R,L,R, etc. 3-chord cadence for that key, and use those inversions in the accompaniment. Two-octave scales, chord inversions and arpeggios will wait until they seem appropriate. I put down the ones I personally use most.

Certainly there are times when it is advisable to choose “5, 4, 2, 1” for left-hand arpeggio fingering, but I consider it the exception to the rule. This eliminates reaching a 4th when turning 1st finger under and replaces it with a 3rd. I always allow my students to experiment to find which fingering fits their hand best. Just a little note: B Major and B minor are awkward arpeggios, no matter which fingering is used. I hope you find these 12 major scales and chords sheets useful in your music studio!

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