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Union Theological Seminary New York seal. Presbyterian Pdf james cone black theology of liberation in the U. In 1893, Union rescinded the right of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church to veto faculty appointments, thus becoming fully independent.

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Union houses the Columbia University Burke Library, one of the largest theological libraries in the Western Hemisphere. Since 1928, the seminary has served as Columbia’s constituent faculty of theology. Although administratively independent, Union is represented in Columbia’s governance structure and appoints one faculty member and one student to the Columbia University Senate. The Library is recognized as one of the premier theological libraries in the world and includes extensive holdings of unique and special materials, including Greek census records from 20 CE, a rare 12th-century manuscript of the Life of St.

African-American hymnals, published in Philadelphia in 1818. The Burke Library offers a number of world-renowned archival collections, including the Archives of Women in Theological Scholarship and the Missionary Research Library Archives. In 2004 Union’s Burke Library became fully integrated into the Columbia University Library system, which holds over 10 million volumes. The library is named in honor of Walter Burke, a generous benefactor to the library who served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Seminary from 1976 to 1982.

Biblical Studies, delivered an inaugural address in which he questioned the verbal inspiration of Scripture. When the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the U. Briggs’ appointment and eventually deposed Briggs for heresy two years later, Union removed itself from denominational oversight. Union Theological Seminary entrance on Broadway. London and inspired by the example of Hull House in Chicago, the alumni decided to create a settlement house in the area of Manhattan enclosed on the north and south by East 96th and 110th Streets and on the east and west by the East River and Central Park. Known as East Harlem, it was a neighborhood filled with new tenements but devoid of any civic services.