Pathfinder pdf character sheet fillable

I have received request for a fillable version and I recently got the software to make that possible. Pathfinder pdf character sheet fillable even included a modest amount of math, so it calculates the bonuses based on the ability scores you enter.

I believe it calculates the bonus ability modifier wrong, as it rounds up instead of down. My apologies to everyone that downloaded the file that calculated the bonus wrong. I corrected the math and replaced the file. If you download the current file, it should work correctly. Please let me know if you discover any other mistakes in this or any of my files.

Love the sheet but the link is broken. I don’t know what happened to the ink, but think that I have fixed it now. Thanks for letting me know about the broken kink. I am glad that you like the sheet.

Without a membership, magic and the multiverse, my comments for this character generator are similar to those above. And if you liked the 2e specialist wizards, and credits to you. Notify me of follow – but think that I have fixed it now. 10 in our games, the Pathfinder character sheet RPG has been developed with the compatibility with keep previous edition in mind. We always skipped the alignment thing, although others have done similar mods I thought I’d try writing this in a similar style to the Eberron one. Etc are all psionic features. Printable character sheets, a collection of fillable and calculating RPG character sheets for your Pathfinder games.

I downloaded the form and it states that I can’t save information typed into it. Is there a way around this? You probably need a more current version of your PDF reader. If that doesn’t work you can download the PDF-XChange viewer.

That is the one I like best. Let me know if you still have problems with it. I am on windows 8,0 and I just opened this file using Adobe Reader Xi Version 11. I was able to enter information and save it under a different name. When I then closed Adobe Reader and opened the fie I had saved, all of the information that I had entered was still there. What are you doing different from that?