Pachelbel”s canon piano sheet music printable pdf free

For beginners, this piece really needs to be in the key of C. Here pachelbel’s canon piano sheet music printable pdf free the two simplest versions I offer.

Go to the page with the longer, harder versions. Frankly, they are not all that simple. Make sure your student has familiarity with chords, and with the high treble clef notes before they start this piece —things will go much more smoothly. Download free printable sheet music for Canon in D. This version has my favorite fingering.

You may not like my fingering! Even with students who know better. And they play it that way all week, firmly cementing in that habit. C position,” not bother to read the notes, and just play “5, 4, 3, 2, 1” etc. They’ll wonder how the piece lost its magic.

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