Methods in dairy farming for sustainability pdf

The aim of the paper is to evaluate the feasibility and constraints of organic farming to increase the sustainability of Mediterranean small ruminant livestock systems. The paper analyzes the factors affecting sustainability of small ruminant livestock systems in the Mediterranean basin, such as seasonal forage methods in dairy farming for sustainability pdf or suboptimal pasture utilisation due to overgrazing but also the factor of undergrazing. The paper considers how the application of practices of organic farming may contribute to promoting sustainable land use and improving environment conservation, animal welfare, and product quality. Also the prospects of new information-based technologies, like geographic information systems and global positioning systems, to improve sustainability are presented.

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A model of pasture-based dairy sheep production system is proposed, with special emphasis on the organisation of a farm forage system to meet animal nutritional requirement. Some options for an integrated strategy for the control of parasitic disease in small ruminant production systems are discussed. Comparative effects of phytotherapy and conventional treatment on dairy sheep helminthic disease and on metabolic status and animal welfare are presented. The prospects of organic farming are of particular interest for the less favoured Mediterranean areas, where it may contribute to the safeguard of agricultural functions, like care and preservation of landscape, and safeguarding of rural villages with positive effects on the quality of life in rural communities. Some activities would be particularly appropriate in natural parks, where small ruminants and other domestic animals interact with wildlife and where biodiversity must be preserved. For positive results a new collaborative decision-making process is required between rural and urban communities, businesses and government. In addition, strong supports from scientific research and the extension services are needed to correct and fully utilize new information technologies to exploit the magnitude and potential of organic farming for enhancement of sustainable small ruminant production systems in the Mediterranean region.

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