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The condition of these outcasts was seen as one of moral error. They were viewed as having freely chosen prostitution, vagrancy, blasphemy, unreason, etc. These distinct purposes were lost sight of, and the madness and civilization pdf free soon came to be seen as the only place where therapeutic treatment can be administered.

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He sees the nominally more enlightened and compassionate treatment of the mad in these modern medical institutions as just as cruel and controlling as their treatment in the earlier, rational institutions had been. Christian Europeans, noted Merquior, and was therefore regarded as much less benign than Foucault tends to imply. Later endorsements have been even stronger. For both their empirical content and their powerful theoretical perspectives, the works of Michel Foucault occupy a special and central place in the historiography of psychiatry. More specifically, Foucault has recently been heralded as a prophet of “the new cultural history. But criticism has also been widespread and often bitter.

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