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One of the most common causes of culture shock involves individuals in a foreign environment. There is no true way to entirely prevent culture shock, as individuals in any society are howard winant the world is a ghetto pdf affected by cultural contrasts differently. During this period, the differences between the old and new culture are seen in a romantic light.

For example, in moving to a new country, an individual might love the new food, the pace of life, and the locals’ habits. During the first few weeks, most people are fascinated by the new culture. They associate with nationals who speak their language, and who are polite to the foreigners. Excitement may eventually give way to unpleasant feelings of frustration and anger as one continues to experience unfavorable events that may be perceived as strange and offensive to one’s cultural attitude.

Language barriers, stark differences in public hygiene, traffic safety, food accessibility and quality may heighten the sense of disconnection from the surroundings. In the case of students studying abroad, some develop additional symptoms of loneliness that ultimately affect their lifestyles as a whole. One knows what to expect in most situations and the host country no longer feels all that new. One becomes concerned with basic living again, and things become more “normal”. The culture begins to make sense, and negative reactions and responses to the culture are reduced. In the mastery stage individuals are able to participate fully and comfortably in the host culture.

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The affected person often finds this more surprising and difficult to deal with than the original culture shock. Reverse culture shock is generally made up of two parts: idealization and expectations. When an extended period of time is spent abroad we focus on the good from our past, cut out the bad, and create an idealized version of the past. Secondly, once removed from our familiar setting and placed in a foreign one we incorrectly assume that our previous world has not changed. We expect things to remain exactly the same as when we left them. The realization that life back home is now different, that the world has continued without us, and the process of readjusting to these new conditions as well as actualizing our new perceptions about the world with our old way of living causes discomfort and psychological anguish. These “Rejectors” also have the greatest problems re-integrating back home after return.

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