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Gilgamesh is generally seen by scholars as a historical figure, since inscriptions have been found which confirm the existence of other figures associated with him in the epic. If Gilgamesh existed, he probably was a king herbert mason gilgamesh free pdf reigned sometime between 2800 and 2500 BC.

Gilgamesh ruled the city of Uruk for 126 years. The story was discovered in the nineteenth century, and allows us to take a glimpse into the cultures and people of the region. The Gilgamesh story was written across the span of a millennium by no specific author but rather as a culmination of many different people adding their own part to the epic. Gilgamesh was buried under the river bed. Uruk for the purpose of burying the dead king within the river bed. Although Gilgamesh was originally considered by scholars to be a semi-divine hero, he is now generally regarded as a historical king.

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Gilgamesh in the epic, as well as appearing in the kinglist and Tummal Chronicle. If Gilgamesh was a historical king, he probably reigned in about the 26th century BC. Over the centuries there may have been a gradual accretion of stories about Gilgamesh, some possibly derived from the real lives of other historical figures. Gilgamos would kill him, so he threw him out of a high tower. An eagle broke his fall, and the infant was found and raised by a gardener, eventually becoming king.

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