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75 HP Chrysler “Crown Marine” L-head six cylinder with reduction gears, centrally mounted. 1 main propeller shaft through the keel. Second shaft and propeller offset from center hemingway big two hearted river part 1 pdf trolling engine.

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Hemingway acquired the boat on April 18, 1934 after returning from a safari in Africa. The boat was a modified version of the Wheeler Playmate line. The boat’s hull was painted black as opposed to the stock white color. The boat was constructed in the Coney Island yard of the Wheeler company and delivered to Hemingway at Miami, attached to a wooden cradle which was part of the purchase price. Hemingway, with a friend and a Wheeler representative then delivered the boat under its own power from Miami to Key West along and a few miles to the east of the Florida Keys, via a semi-protected passage known as Hawk Channel. In addition to hunting, Hemingway was an avid fisherman and a great contributor to the development of the sport. He also contributed to the knowledge of Atlantic marine life.

Hemingway hosted Charles Cadwalader, director of the Philadelphia Academy of Natural History and Henry Fowler, the Academy’s chief ichthyologist. These two scientists were in Cuba trying to determine the taxonomy of marlin species. They were attempting to determine if white, blue, black, or striped marlin were different species, or just color variants of the same species. As a result of their efforts on the boat, they reclassified the North Atlantic marlin variants.

During World War II, Hemingway used his boat to search for German U-boats in the Caribbean waters. His minimal armament included a Thompson sub machine gun and hand grenades. Most accounts state that any effort to attack a submarine would be futile. Hemingway wrote about his intent to attack if he spotted a sub. Other accounts of these patrols imply that they were a farce and that he did them in return for extra gas rations and immunity from Cuban police for driving drunk.

Hemingway spent three summers in Bimini, starting with the first voyage in April, 1935. During the initial attempt at the crossing, he accidentally shot himself in the leg while attempting to boat a shark he caught. During the Bimini trips, Hemingway perfected fishing techniques for tuna. He was the first person to land a giant tuna unmutilated.

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