Green architecture advanced technologies and materials pdf

The temperature of cities continues to increase because of the heat island phenomenon and the undeniable climatic change. The observed high ambient temperatures intensify the energy problem of cities, deteriorates comfort conditions, green architecture advanced technologies and materials pdf in danger the vulnerable population and amplify the pollution problems. To counterbalance the phenomenon, important mitigation technologies have been developed and proposed.

This paper aims to present the state of the art on both the above technologies, when applied in the city scale. Tenths of published studies have been analysed. Most of the available data are based on simulation studies using mesoscale modeling techniques while important data are available from the existing experimental studies. When a global increase of the city’s albedo is considered, the expected mean decrease of the average ambient temperature is close to 0. 1 rise of the albedo, while the corresponding average decrease of the peak ambient temperature is close to 0. When only cool roofs are considered, the analysis of the existing data shows that the expected depression rate of the average urban ambient temperature varies between 0.

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1 increase of the roofs albedo with a mean value close to 0. As it concerns green roofs, existing simulation studies show that when applied on a city scale, they may reduce the average ambient temperature between 0. Detailed analysis of many studies reporting a comparison of the mitigation potential of both technologies has permitted the definition of the limits, the boundaries and the conditions under which the considered technologies reach their better performance, in a synthetic way. Heat island is a very well documented phenomenon.

Several Mitigation Technologies have been proposed. The increase of the albedo in cities and green roofs are among the more important ones. The state of the art of both mitigation technologies is presented. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.

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