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PANASONIC DMC-GF6 OWNER’S MANUAL Pdf Download. View and Download Panasonic DMC-GF6 owner’s manual online. Panasonic Digital Cameras Owner’freeze motion pictures in a manual pdf manual.

DMC-GF6 Digital Camera pdf manual download. Panasonic digital cameras owner’s manual. Owner’s Manual for advanced features Digital Camera DMC-GF6 Model No. Please read these instructions carefully before using this product, and save this manual for future use. By clicking a page number, you can jump to the linked page and quickly find the information. Click this icon to jump to Contents Click this icon to return to the previously displayed page. About the indication of the applicable mode Applicable modes: The icons indicate the modes available for a function.

Contents Finding the information you need2 How to use this manual 3 Before Use Care of the camera 10 Standard Accessories 11 Names and Functions of Components . 12 About the Lens . 20 Preparation Changing the Lens 21 Attaching the Shoulder Strap . Recording Selecting the Recording Mode . Recording with Camera-Recommended Effects . When sending images to AV device 240 When sending images to PC . Before Use Care of the camera Do not subject to strong vibration, shock, or pressure.

The lens, monitor, or external case may be damaged if used in the following conditions. The flash opens, and recording with the flash becomes possible. Before Use Monitor You can adjust the angle of the monitor. A When closing 1 Flip up the bottom of the monitor lightly to open. 2 Adjust the angle of the monitor. Be careful not to catch your finger, etc. Before Use Touch screen Touch panel of this unit is capacitive.

Touch the panel directly with your bare finger. Touch To touch and release the touch screen. Use for selecting items or icons. When selecting features using the touch screen, be sure to touch the center of the desired icon. Touch the panel with the clean and dry finger. If you use a commercially available monitor protection sheet, please follow the instructions that accompany the sheet.

Some monitor protection sheets may impair visibility or operability. Do not press on the monitor with hard pointed tips, such as ball point pens. Pressing the cursor button: Selection of items or setting of values etc. Pressing : Confirmation of setting contents, etc.

Move the lever to left or right to operate. You can assign a function to the function lever. For details on the lens used, refer to the website. Web pages for most current information regarding compatible lenses. This Site is English only.

The available flash range etc. Preparation Changing the Lens By changing the lens, you will increase your picture taking-options and further your enjoyment of the camera. Change the lens using the following procedure. Check that the camera is turned off. Change lenses where there is not a lot of dirt or dust.

Refer to P326 when dirt or dust gets on the lens. Preparation Detaching the lens Preparations: Attach the lens cap. Do not push in the lens barrel with your fingers. Doing so may damage the lens. Preparation Attaching the Lens Hood When recording into strong backlight, irregular reflection may occur within the lens. The lens hood reduces the inclusion of unwanted light in the recorded images and lowers the drop in contrast. The lens hood cuts off excess lighting and improves the picture quality.

When the Auto Review function is activated or when playing back – position can be set by dragging the histogram. To view nine pictures at a time, set the drive mode to . If the temperature is too high or too low, drag the slide bar to set. Way to focus. The camera will set optimal exposure, connecting to other equipment About the supplied software The supplied CD, mum number of shots that can be taken in a single burst is 20. EL20 rechargeable Li – install the software on to your computer before use.