Clinical case studies for the family nurse practitioner pdf

OSCEs clinical case studies for the family nurse practitioner pdf the three requisite clinical courses. Performance scores on OSCEs were compared with clinical course grades. There were nonsignificant findings for the second and third clinical courses.

OSCEs can identify student weaknesses and strengths and help faculty guide students in strategies to improve clinical skills. The results provide needed evidence for the use of OSCEs, especially in terms of graduate nursing education. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Acknowledgment of extramural funding: none. Any commercial financial support: none.

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Trauma case management is a model of care where patient care is overseen and coordinated by a nurse with expertise in trauma. They visit the trauma patient each day, review patient progress, ensure optimal care and that the patient, nursing and medical staff are all aware of the management plan. TCM has been practiced in the US since the early 1990’s. The US remained the only health care system to have formally embraced TCM. The nursing case management model has yet to be widely adopted in trauma care in both the UK and Australia. It is significant that case management has been recognised as an effective model of care for mental health and community patients, as they possess similar characteristics to trauma patients. Each of these patient groups is complex, requiring multidisciplinary care and extensive planning of care.

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