Clear choices the water you drink pdf

Soft drinks may be served chilled, over ice cubes or at room temperature. In casual dining restaurants and bars, soft drinks are clear choices the water you drink pdf served in glasses. Soft drinks may be drunk with straws or sipped directly from the cups. Soft drinks are mixed with other ingredients in several contexts.

Dialect Survey tracked the usage of the nine most common names. Scotland “fizzy juice” or even simply “juice” is colloquially encountered. Fizzy Drink” or “soft drink” is typically used. The origins of soft drinks lie in the development of fruit-flavored drinks.

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Manays Cryste’ was a sweetened cordial flavored with rosewater, violets or cinnamon. Another early type of soft drink was lemonade, made of water and lemon juice sweetened with honey, but without carbonated water. Paris was granted a monopoly for the sale of lemonade soft drinks in 1676. Vendors carried tanks of lemonade on their backs and dispensed cups of the soft drink to Parisians. Engraving of assorted scientific equipment, such as a pneumatic trough. A dead mouse rests under one glass canister. Priestley found that water treated in this manner had a pleasant taste, and he offered it to his friends as a refreshing drink.

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