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Boise High School May 2007. A three-year comprehensive high school, Boise High is located on the outerlying edge of the city’s downtown business core. 15 school year was approximately 1,480. Before Boise Civics test high school pdf ohio School, the Treasure Valley was serviced by Central High School.

Because of the cost and the fact that it was considered an overly large structure, the Central High School Board was criticized. Ironically, only a decade later 700 children overcrowded the school. Central High School was the only high school in the Idaho Territory. The high school students were placed in the top floor, while the primary, intermediate, and grammar pupils studied in the basement and the next two floors. The next year two female students and two male students graduated.

In 1900, the number had expanded to 23 graduates. It was not the well-known white brick building present today. It was a traditional red brick, typical of the time period. The cornerstone was laid in 1902. A pageant with 1,200 students, as many adults, and three volleys from the cadet corps marked the joyous ceremony.

The Red Brick building, however, was terribly constructed. It was not built by local architects. Instead, the school was built by a contractor from Kansas, William F. Schrage and tried to raise a committee to prevent his plans. However, the committee approved Schrage’s blueprints for the school. Anthony Miranda, author of the Boise High School Archive Project, states that C.

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