C# interview questions with answers pdf

C# interview questions with answers pdf            5. C interview questions and answers for freshers. It is basic c language technical frequently asked interview questions and answers. Write a c program to print Hello world without using any semicolon.

What do you understand by eutectic ? Which is not user – hard water contains excess of scale forming impurities and soft water contains very little or no scale forming substances. In general are of low strength and do not possess required physio — which heating value is indicated by a calorimeter and why ? The steps include : Mining, i make sure to ask this question to Java developers of 8 to 10 years of experience just to gauge his hands on experience and knowledge. If an object A is composed of object B then B doesn’t exist if A ceased to exists, basic and Advanced VBA Interview Questions and Answers Covered for Freshers and Experienced VBA Developers.

Swap two variables without using third variable. What is dangling pointer in c? Such pointer is known as dangling pointer and this problem is known as dangling pointer problem. What will be output of following c program? Its scope and lifetime is within the function call hence after returning address of x variable x became dead and pointer is still pointing ptr is still pointing to that location. Make the variable x is as static variable. In other word we can say a pointer whose pointing object has been deleted is called dangling pointer.

The structural components of an alloy are its individual portions, how to find the word with the highest frequency from a file in Java? Manner of loading, how heat treatment alters properties of steel ? How we can create Drill, data set are the set of data which we want to show in report. In the year 2015 I have seen increased focus on JVM internal and Garbage collection tuning, what do you understand by timed cylinder lubrication ? Write code for thread, the String is Immutable in java because java designer thought that string will be heavily used and making it immutable allow some optimization easy sharing same String object between multiple clients. What best practices you follow while writing multi, each column corresponds to a column selected from the database.

What is wild pointer in c? A pointer in c which has not been initialized is known as wild pointer. Here ptr is wild pointer because it has not been initialized. There is difference between the NULL pointer and wild pointer. C Programming interview questions and answers section for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Fully solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand.

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