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She had a daughter named Susan who died act 5 romeo and juliet pdf infancy, and then became wetnurse to Juliet. As the primary person to like, she is therefore Juliet’s foremost confidante.

She is very important to Juliet and Juliet’s life. Juliet is considered by many, historians and fans alike, to be her surrogate daughter in many respects because she raised Juliet in Lady Capulet’s absence. She is like family to the Capulets. The Nurse plays a similar role in the poem by Brooke, though she is less critical of Paris and is banished for the events that took place. The Nurse tries to convince Juliet to marry Paris.

The Nurse is sent by Juliet in act two, scene four to seek out Romeo the night after their first kiss and exchange of vows. The Nurse finds Romeo and soon after returns to Juliet with news of Romeo’s continued affection. It is because of the Nurse’s approval that Juliet ultimately decides to go through with marrying Romeo. Later, the Nurse is overcome with grief at the death of Tybalt, and she runs to Juliet and cries, “He’s dead, he’s dead, he’s dead! We are undone, lady, we are undone! Alack the day, he’s gone, he’s killed, he’s dead!

Romeo’s hands, Juliet bids the Nurse to seek out Romeo for her at Friar Lawrence’s cell for one final night with him before he flees to Mantua. When Juliet learns that her parents expect her to marry Paris, the Nurse urges the girl to go ahead with the marriage. Even though Juliet was already married to Romeo, the Nurse felt that Juliet would never see her husband again. Following this, Juliet feels betrayed and decides never to share any more of her secrets with the Nurse.

The Nurse discovers Juliet under the spell of Friar Lawrence’s potion in act four, scene five, and the grief of her death as seriously as she mourned Tybalt. She is, finally, present at the real deathbed of Romeo, Juliet, and Paris, though speechless. Indeed, she loses perhaps the dearest friends of anyone, having suffered through the deaths of her husband, Susan, Tybalt, Romeo, and Juliet. In choosing forms, Shakespeare matches the poetry to the character that uses it.

Nurse sees their union as one of legitimate romance. Juliet’s trust by saying that she should marry Paris. The formal language Juliet uses around Paris, as well as the way she talks about him to her Nurse, show that her feelings clearly lie with Romeo. Mercutio also mentions her age, calling her an “ancient lady” as he exits from the same scene.

Meaning he thinks that the nurse is as big as a ship. Her view of romance is very pragmatic, much like Mercutio’s views. When Juliet says that marriage is an honour she did not yet think of, the nurse laughs and exclaims, what an honour it is. The nurse’s humour is very crude, which is shown when she makes a rude joke about the way Juliet will ‘fall down’ when she is older. In Act 4, scene 4, Lord Capulet, alone with the Nurse and Lady Capulet, tells “good Angelica” to order baked meats for Juliet’s upcoming wedding to Count Paris. It is unclear from the text whether he is addressing the Nurse or Lady Capulet.

The Sources of Romeo and Juliet”. This page was last edited on 3 February 2018, at 03:37. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. The play takes place over a time span of four days.

Within these few days, Juliet is thrust into adulthood quickly—where she must deal with issues of life such as, romance, Passion, loss, and even death. During the play she is courted by a potential husband named Count Paris, strongly falls romantically in love with Romeo who is the only son of her family’s enemy, marries Romeo secretly, experiences the death of her first cousin Tybalt, has one brief passionate, romantic night with her new husband before he is forced to leave the city, is threatened by her father and nearly disowned by both of her parents for refusing to marry the man they have chosen for her, she is let down emotionally by the nurse who raised her from infancy, and spends nearly two days drugged to unconsciousness. When Romeo found out he thought she was dead and drank poison to meet her in the after life. It is Juliet who sets the boundaries of behaviour in her relationship with Romeo: she allows him to kiss her, she pledges her commitment before him, and it is she who suggests their marriage. Juliet’s forgiveness of Romeo after he kills Tybalt indicates her mature nature in contrast to his passionate impulsiveness.

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