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Bogart and Overlie were on the faculty of ETW at NYU in the late 1970s and early 1980s during which time Bogart was influenced by Overlie’s innovations. Bogart’a director prepares anne bogart pdf Viewpoints are considered practical in creating staging with actors.

Mary Overlie considered the most important. Note the change from the classical and modern periods in performance art, where story always took precedence over the other elements. Viewpoints is part of the post-modern tradition, in that there is no hierarchy in the different elements that make “theatre. The physical environment, the space, and whatever belongs to it or constitutes it, including permanent and non-permanent features.

Topography – The movement over landscape, floor pattern, design and colours. Behavioral gesture: realistic gesture belonging to the physical world as we observe it every day. How fast or slow something happens on stage. Kinesthetic Response – A spontaneous reaction to a motion that occurs outside of oneself.

External: repeating a movement occurring outside one’s body. Psychological or narrative content ascribed to movement. The movement of different parts of your body. All of the different elements influence each other and work together, and can “cause” a change in a different element. For example, the shape of your body may carry a certain emotion with it as well – something in the space of your environment may make a story out of what you are doing – etc. The actors must focus first on the isolation of each separate viewpoint element on its own, before integrating and working them all together.

It’s often that a performer finds one of the elements comes naturally, and perhaps uses that one element they really understand to access the other elements, which they must work to become more familiar with. Viewpoints as those relating to Time – which are Tempo, Duration, Kinesthetic Response, and Repetition – and those relating to Space – which are Shape, Gesture, Architecture, Spatial Relationship and Topography. In the book, the authors outline the basics of the Viewpoints training they both espouse as well as specific methods for applying the Viewpoints to both rehearsals and production. For Bogart and Landau, the Viewpoints represent not only a physical technique but also a philosophical, spiritual, and aesthetic approach to many aspects of their work.

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